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Winter 2022 Newsletter

Our Winter 2022 newsletter explores how philanthropy is helping to build connections, advance innovative ideas and enhance our community.

In this issue, we're also privileged to share the story of Herb and Dorothy Mikkelson, a couple whose legacy illustrates their compassion for others, their belief in volunteerism and their unending spirit of thankfulness.

In this Issue

A Message From the President

"It's easy to see it’s still the same organization I was eager to join 15 years ago. An organization guided by the inspiring generosity of its donors and the unending energy of a community that’s inspired to build a brighter tomorrow. A place that’s deeply motivated to work for the betterment of Sioux Falls, honored to work with donors to accomplish their philanthropic plans, and grateful for a community that’s committed to solving problems and taking care of each other."

Andy Patterson reflects on 15 years with the Community Foundation.

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Building Connections

A grant from the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation was designed to help give kids from Laura B. Anderson Elementary the chance to participate in a fall soccer league.

It did that — and so much more. While the kids played, families built meaningful connections on the sidelines and today, the Riverside neighborhood is stronger than ever.

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Remembering a Legacy of Care

Herb and Dorothy Mikkelson

In 2015, Herb and Dorothy Mikkelson turned to the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation to establish plans for an endowment that would support their charitable wishes after their lives. In doing so, this special couple shared the ultimate final expression of their values, as well as their hopes and dreams for the future.

Today, their legacy of care lives on, illustrating Herb and Dorothy's compassion for others, their belief in volunteerism and their unending spirit of thankfulness.

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Advancing Innovative Ideas

In Christian Swenson’s Woods and Home Maintenance class at LHS last fall, drills were spinning, table saws were whirring and hammers were pounding as students worked to build yard libraries for low income neighborhoods throughout the city.

The project was supported by a grant from the Foundation's Excellence in Education initiative, an effort designed to help bring teachers' creative ideas to life.

Learn more about Swenson's Yard Libraries project, meet all of our 2021 Excellence in Education grantees and learn about the projects their grants will support.

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Tips for Smarter Giving: Turn Your Appreciated Assets Into a Charitable Gift

Maximize your tax benefit and support the charities you care about by donating appreciated assets such as stocks, securities and real estate. Learn about the benefits and see how it works.

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