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Sioux Falls Parks Foundation Aims to Help Sustain, Enhance World-Class City Parks System

With a goal to inspire philanthropic investments in a world-class city parks system, the Sioux Falls Parks Foundation made its official debut today before an informational meeting with the Sioux Falls City Council.

An affiliate of the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation, the Sioux Falls Parks Foundation is led by a volunteer advisory board chaired by community advocate and philanthropist Jennifer Kirby.

She said the time is right for a Parks Foundation in Sioux Falls.

“As Sioux Falls grows and becomes more urban, we believe parks will play an even greater role in creating connections among neighbors,” Kirby said. “And when we’re connected to each other — when we discover the common bonds we share — we’re more likely to work together in ways that will enrich and strengthen our community.”

“We know that parks foster better outcomes for our children. Parks help open our eyes to the beauty of the natural world and they create opportunities to improve and enhance our physical well-being. All of these elements are key to creating a thriving community,” she said.

Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken expressed his support for the Sioux Falls Parks Foundation.

“Sioux Falls as a community has always been incredibly philanthropic in supporting our parks system. The new Sioux Falls Parks Foundation will foster even greater community investments in our parks and continue this tradition of public-private partnership success. I can’t wait to see the exciting parks and recreation opportunities that arise from this collaborative new effort,” TenHaken said.

Working in collaboration with the City of Sioux Falls and Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation, the Sioux Falls Parks Foundation will work to provide donors with opportunities and ideas for strategic investments in community parks. The work of the Parks Foundation will be defined by the community’s goals and needs.

Learn more about the Sioux Falls Parks Foundation.