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Flexible Options For Your fund

The Community Foundation stands as a champion for philanthropy in all forms. Just as we help you create a tailored giving strategy that reflects your interests and goals, we provide investment options that compliment your plan. Whether your strategy involves a long-term, strategic endowment, or you wish to maximize your philanthropic impact immediately, we offer investment portfolios tailored to suit your needs.

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Investment Update: Winter 2024

The fourth quarter of 2024 led to much rejoicing, not because of the holidays or the anticipation of the New Year, but because the stock market decided to erase October losses and finish the calendar year strong. The S&P 500 posted back-to-back positive months for November and December increasing the annual return to over 26%.

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Creative Classroom

A Washington High teacher blends old and new with her classroom project, funded by the Foundation’s Excellence in Education Fund.

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Trust Our Expert Staff to Steward Your Philanthropy

To best serve you, the staff at the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation is constantly seeking new ways to build their knowledge and skillset. Together, our staff holds decades of experience in philanthropic planning and countless hours of specialized training. “We are students of philanthropy,” said Nate Dally, Philanthropic Advisor, “and we want to help people experience the joy of giving.”

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Why the Future of Sioux Falls Depends on What’s Happening After School

We believe that’s happening to our kids after school and in the summer affects everyone in our community — whether you have school-age kids or not. That’s because if kids aren’t being cared for, nurtured, and inspired after school and during the summers, they’re less likely to succeed on all fronts — academically, socially and economically.

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