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Why the Future of Sioux Falls Depends on What’s Happening After School

We believe that’s happening to our kids after school and in the summer affects everyone in our community — whether you have school-age kids or not. That’s because if kids aren’t being cared for, nurtured, and inspired after school and during the summers, they’re less likely to succeed on all fronts — academically, socially and economically.

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DOC Changes Impacting Area Nonprofits

How a Department of Corrections decision to change its inmate labor policy is impacting local nonprofits who rely on this workforce solution to achieve their missions.

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A Nonprofit to Know: Sioux Falls CASA

For this edition of "A Nonprofit to Know," we caught up with Stacey Tieszen, executive director of the Sioux Falls Area Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Program, to learn more about the organization, the needs it serves and what’s on the horizon.

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