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Building Our Community

We're proud to award grants in support of projects or programs aimed at enhancing quality of life, addressing important needs and tackling challenges throughout our community.

COVID-19 Response Grants

An emergency grant program for nonprofits who are impacted by COVID-19. Learn more.

Community Grants

We believe in the power of a thriving community. A community where people and families feel safe and have equal access to the resources they need for their health and well-being; where all kids have a fair shot at becoming the best they can be; where everyone has opportunities to inspire and be inspired through the arts; and where we all feel called and encouraged to drive bold change through service and leadership.

One way we're helping to build a thriving community is through our Community Grants.

The Community Fund Endowment

Our most visionary endowment, the Community Fund Endowment is supported by unrestricted gifts and is designed to provide funding for local nonprofits.

Two types of grants are available:

Community Fund Grants

Spot Grants


Community Fund Grants are designed to support transformational ideas, programs or initiatives with the potential to drive significant social impact and/or spark meaningful change.

Spot Grants are designed to help to build a thriving, vibrant community by supporting projects and programs that address current challenges, create opportunities and build dialogue.


Because of the size and significance of Community Fund grants, proposals are usually reviewed by our Grants Committee within six to eight weeks after receipt of the proposal.

Spot grant proposals are reviewed by our Grants Committee within 10 business days after receipt of the proposal.

How to Apply

Requests for Community Fund grants begin with a letter of inquiry. If approved for consideration, we will send you a complete application form and submission information, including the deadline for consideration.Requests for Community Foundation Spot Grants begin with an online application. If your application is approved by our Grants Committee, we will contact you with next steps.
ApplySubmit a letter of inquiry.Submit an application.

Community grants are made to charitable activities benefiting the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation’s service area. Our Grants Committee makes awards every two months to charitable organizations working within our grantmaking categories to address our community’s important needs and opportunities.

Typically, the Community Foundation makes awards to nonprofit organizations with IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status that are undertaking projects that benefit the people of the Sioux Falls area.

Our Grants Committee considers requests for:

  • Programs that require start-up funds to address important community needs or opportunities
  • Expansion of programs that meet important community needs or opportunities
  • Assistance to organizations weathering unforeseen or unusual financial crises
  • Programs that increase an organization’s capacity to advance its mission more efficiently or effectively
  • Programs or studies that inform the community’s understanding of needs or opportunities.

Special Grant Opportunities

Throughout the year, the Community Foundation accepts proposals for additional grant opportunities.

Proposals are now being accepted for

Youth Advisory Council Grants

The Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation's Youth Advisory Council is now accepting grant proposals from registered 501(c)3 tax-exempt youth-serving organizations that meet at least one of the following needs in the Sioux Falls community:

  • Under-served Youth: Council members acknowledge there are a number of under-served youth communities within the Sioux Falls area that are in need of additional programming or non-profit support. Examples of these communities include (but are not limited to): Native American youth, refugee youth, LGBTQAI+2S.
  • Domestic Abuse / Sexual Assault: While Council members understand the wide range of community support youth victims of domestic abuse/sexual assault already receive, it is clear even more support is needed. The Youth Advisory Council is seeking proposals for fresh, innovative programming to address this group of youth in addition to support for continued successful programming.
  • Mental Health: The Council continues to identify mental health as a growing issue affecting youth in the Sioux Falls community. We are eager to see new programming to support those impacted by mental health challenges.


  • Grants must be made to youth-serving, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations.
  • Youth is defined as persons 0 -18 years old, unless otherwise obvious in funding priorities description. Individuals are not considered.
  • Grants are for one year. Requests for more than one year of funding will not be considered.
  • Geographic Restrictions: Sioux Falls area and surrounding communities within 10 miles.

Submit a Proposal

Online proposals are due by Tuesday, March 17. Submit your proposal today. Grant finalists will be notified by mid-April.

Questions about which grant opportunity is right for you? Contact Patrick Gale, vice president, community investment, at 605.336.7055 x 20 or by email at