Financial Information

A Trusted Steward

The Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation understands we must serve the needs of our region today while remaining financially sustainable to address the needs of tomorrow.


Since our founding, the Foundation has granted more than $224 million to nonprofits and causes. Today, our charitable assets stand at approximately $264 million. And as a public charity, the Foundation adheres to the highest standards and meets the Council on Foundation's National Standards.

Audited Financial Statement

IRS Form 990


We are the thoughtful stewards of your philanthropic dollars. Our 30-year compounded annualized return as of June 30, 2022, is 7.23%. Our diversified portfolio includes domestic and international equities and fixed income securities.

The Community Foundation's long-term investment pool is managed by a volunteer committee, comprised of three board members and three independent financial advisors. The committee meets monthly to analyze market conditions and make timely, tactical adjustments to the portfolio.