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Your Philanthropy, Your Way.

Maybe you already have a long history of giving. Or, maybe you’re just beginning to think about the legacy you hope to create. Whatever your unique situation is, we can help you outline your charitable goals and achieve your philanthropic vision.

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Maximize Your Impact

Whether you’re looking to simplify and organize your current giving, or you’re thinking about your future and the legacy you hope to leave, we can help you maximize and add efficiency to your charitable impact, while also realizing important financial and tax benefits.

As a leader in philanthropic strategy and planning, we have more than 35 years of experience working with individuals and families, businesses, nonprofits, and professional advisors. Today, we hold more than 1,000 charitable funds and manage more than $200 million in assets.

Since 1984, donors have turned to us for customized and strategic philanthropic plans that unite their ideas and passions with purpose and meaning.

We Take the Time to Listen

What do you want your philanthropy to look like? Do you want your giving to be instinctive, or is long-term planning more your style? Are your interests broad and varied, or do you have a passion for one particular cause or area of need?

We’re here to help you do philanthropy your way, offering our professional and technical expertise and community insights to create the right plan for you, and for the impact you wish to make.

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  • Give Today: Learn more about how and what to give, tax benefits and how we can help you create a charitable fund that matches your philanthropic vision.
  • Plan Today to Give Tomorrow: Learn more about estate/planned giving and how we can help you create your charitable legacy.
  • Why work with the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation? Learn what sets us apart.

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