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Spring 2021 Newsletter

Spring 2021 newsletter

At the Community Foundation, we're often called a catalyst for good. By connecting passionate donors with important causes, we're not only helping to build philanthropy, we're helping to put dreams and ideas for a brighter tomorrow into motion.

In our Spring 2021 newsletter, we explore the many ways philanthropy is making an impact on the community we all call home.

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Message from the President

Andy Patterson

"Connecting donors with giving opportunities that align with their interests and passions is a big part of what we do here at the Foundation. We had the opportunity to do just that earlier this year."

Read the message from Foundation President Andy Patterson.

Next-Gen Philanthropy

Gen Xers and Millennials are steadily becoming a powerful force in philanthropy. And while many of these younger donors say their charitable giving is inspired by their parents and grandparents, their approach to philanthropy is uniquely their own and distinctively modern. It’s philanthropy on their terms: entrepreneurial, personal, mission-driven, community-focused, data-centric, investment-minded, strategic and responsive — and it's why more and more younger donors are choosing to partner with the Community Foundation to help build a brighter tomorrow.

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Return of the Prairie

Tall grass prairie

Long before it was home to Good Earth State Park, land along the Big Sioux River southeast of Sioux Falls featured fields of tall grass prairie that sustained diverse wildlife and generations of native tribes.

Today, thanks in part to a grant from the Foundation, a new effort is working to bring tall grass prairie back to Good Earth.

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Helping Our Kids

As the 2020-21 academic year comes to a close, kids, teachers, administrators and parents will likely remember it as a year marked by unprecedented challenges, unforeseen obstacles and a roller coaster of uncertainties. But, perhaps more than that, they’ll also remember moments of overwhelming kindness that emerged again and again — proof that even in the darkest of days, people helping people through the power of philanthropy can provide the light we all need to move forward.

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