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Case Studies

How do you identify clients who will benefit most from the Foundation’s expertise and offerings?

These examples can help.

Case Study: Taxable Events

Maybe it’s the upcoming sale of a business, or the potential sale of appreciated stock or real estate. Or, maybe it’s a year-end bonus or family inheritance. If you have clients facing taxable events like these, establishing a charitable fund can offer significant tax benefits and can help launch a meaningful philanthropic journey.


We worked with an advisor whose client received a large year-end bonus. The client wanted to give back, but wanted time to decide which charities to support.


We worked with the advisor and client to establish a Donor Advised Fund at the Community Foundation. The client realized a tax deduction and began working with our team to develop a philanthropic strategy that matched her long-term goals with her charitable passions. We shared community needs and analysis and even arranged a meeting with a local nonprofit so the client could see the impact of her giving in real time.

Case Study: Preparing for Estate Planning

Your client’s legacy of care can endure — for good, for ever — through strategic planned giving solutions offered by the Community Foundation.


An advisor sought our guidance on how best to help his clients — a couple who’d spent their lives teaching in Sioux Falls. They were passionate about education, specifically providing disadvantaged youth with opportunities to succeed.


We worked with the couple to craft a legacy agreement to capture their charitable wishes for after their lifetime. Today, this couple’s endowment provides annual distributions to a number of local organizations benefiting youth across Sioux Falls.

Case Study: Considering a Private Foundation

If you have clients who are considering whether to establish a stand-alone charitable foundation, it’s important to help them compare their options


An advisor reached out to the Community Foundation after a client expressed interest in creating a private foundation for his family’s charitable giving.


We worked with the advisor to help address concerns the client had about private foundation management, including administrative costs, tax liabilities and privacy options. Ultimately, the client saw a Donor Advised Fund at the Community Foundation as the best vehicle to achieve his family’s charitable giving goals. Administrative costs were lower, tax deductibility was greater, and the family has access to our local experts who can offer impactful philanthropic and grant-making strategies.

Case Study: Family and Next-Gen Dynamics

You can help your clients bring greater focus and strategy to generational giving by partnering with the Community Foundation to facilitate family conversations, and by offering guidance and expertise for their long-term philanthropic planning.


A client wanted to involve her children and grandchildren in her philanthropy, but didn’t know where to start. Her advisor turned to us.


We helped the client’s family define their philanthropic purpose based on shared values and passions. From there, we helped the family select the best philanthropic vehicle to achieve their charitable vision and provided insights for grant-making decisions. Today, multiple generations work together to advise this charitable fund based on the family’s established philanthropic vision.

Case Study: Selling a Business

Charitable giving through the Community Foundation can offer meaningful tax benefits for your clients whose personal net worth is tied to a closely held company.


We recently worked with an advisor whose client was selling his business and wanted to continue giving back to the community in his retirement.


We worked with the advisor to help the client donate a portion of his business interests before the sale to a Donor Advised Fund at the Community Foundation. Not only did the client minimize capital gains, he also received an income tax deduction for the fair market value.

Case Study: Outgrown a Commercial DAF Provider

Unlike national, commercial donor advised fund providers, we have deep roots in this community. As a hub for community knowledge, we can provide the insights and analysis your clients need to create the greatest charitable impact.


An advisor reached out after his client had a taxable event, and with an increased giving budget, he needed help in identifying where to give. His donor advised fund through Schwab Charitable couldn’t offer him local insight on funding opportunities.


Establishing a new DAF with the Community Foundation, we learned about the client’s passions and values, and we shared insights and analysis on current needs and emerging opportunities. After understanding the needs, and seeing what kind of impact his giving could have, the client went on to make a significant investment in a local project he was excited about.

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