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Local Kids Raise More Than $3,400 for One Sioux Falls Fund

Shoveling snow is hard work. But that didn't stop a group of local kids from offering to shovel driveways and sidewalks in their neighborhood to help raise money for the One Sioux Falls Fund.

Kids in Sioux Falls' Cinnamon Ridge neighborhood cleared mounds of snow from nearby sidewalks and driveways recently, raising $1,745 for the One Sioux Falls Fund, a disaster fund held at the Community Foundation to help those in the Sioux Falls MSA avoid eviction if they are unable to work due to COVID-19. A generous donor matched the amount for a total donation of $3,490.

Bridgett Baumiller helped organize the effort.

"We know thousands are experiencing financial stresses like never before," Baumiller wrote. "The life lessons the kids of Cinnamon Ridge received that day was priceless. They worked very hard for hours, knowing that their efforts would help someone who just lost their job or perhaps had to close their business. We are grateful for the opportunity to help."

Mary Kolsrud, the Community Foundation's vice president for philanthropy, called the gift "absolutely heartwarming."

"We continue to be amazed and inspired by the empathy, compassion and generosity of so many in our community who are stepping forward to help during this difficult time," Kolsrud said. "To the kids and families in the Cinnamon Ridge neighborhood, we are grateful beyond words for your hard work, your kindness and your generosity. Thank you!"

Kids from the Cinnamon Ridge neighborhood recently shoveled snow for a good cause.

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