For Good. For Ever.

In partnership with donors, Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation provides philanthropic leadership that assures the quality of life in our area, for good, for ever. When folks ask us what we do, our quick answer is —

We help people who want to do something good for the
Sioux Falls area.

  • We encourage gifts to endowments that benefit virtually every person or family who calls this community home.
  • We invest those endowment gifts so that they can make a difference in people’s lives for good, for ever.
  • We assure that the abundance reaped from those endowments furthers the work of the people who keep our community strong and vibrant.

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“Inspire, Engage, Achieve” — Thursday, September 22nd

Join local, regional, and national presenters at SFACF’s 2016 Transforming Leadership workshop and find ways to foster a communication culture that sustains board-staff-volunteer engagement; exchange relationship-building ideas that work; understand fundamental governance and staff roles and responsibilities; and view achieving organizations through the eyes of a community leader who’s served from volunteer, to senior staff, to chairman of the board.