For Good. For Ever.

In partnership with donors, Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation provides philanthropic leadership that assures the quality of life in our area, for good, for ever.

When folks ask us what we do, our quick answer is "We help people who want to do something good for the Sioux Falls area." We:
  • Encourage gifts to endowments that benefit virtually every person or family who calls this community home. 
  • Invest those endowment gifts so that they can make a difference in people's lives for good, for ever. 
  • Assure that the abundance reaped from those endowments furthers the work of the people who keep our community strong and vibrant. 
Each year, millions of dollars flow from the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation to support the good work of hundreds of churches, schools, and charitable groups. 

This ever-growing stream of local philanthropy begins in the hearts of thousands of donors, people who have prospered here and want to give something back to the community. Whether they support a project with a pass-through gift or build a charitable legacy, whether they make a small memorial donation to honor a loved one or plan a bequest from a large estate, people who want to do something good for the Sioux Falls area find a pathway for their good intentions through SFACF. 
We are all heirs to the gifts entrusted to the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation's stewardship -- the ones we benefit from today and the ones that will be here for future generations. Our asset value now is considerable, but we measure our success by the satisfaction in the hearts of our donors and by the optimism that shines in the eyes of those whose lives are made better through our work. These are the true hallmarks of the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation. 
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