Individually Managed Funds

Stronger Together

Your investment expertise. Our philanthropic planning experience.
Working together to serve your clients.

We know our donors have strong relationships with their professional advisors. We also know that as financial advisors, you’ve spent years getting to know your clients and their financial goals, and you work hard to help them reach their highest aspirations.

Individually Managed Donor Advised Funds

Our Individually Managed Fund program combines the investment expertise your clients rely on with strategic philanthropic planning experience and unmatched community insights offered by the Community Foundation.

The Individually Managed Funds program allows external investment advisors to manage the assets of a donor advised fund. In short, we provide excellent philanthropic services while a donor’s preferred financial advisor manages the assets.

How It Works

  • We establish an investment account at your firm for your client’s charitable fund, and you provide the investment services. The assets in your client’s charitable fund remain under your management.
  • Your clients have access to our team of experts to assist in their strategic giving.
  • Your clients recommend grants from their fund to support the causes and nonprofits they care about.
  • Your clients have online access to view detailed fund activity and information about their fund anytime.
  • Investment performance information is provided to your client through your organization.

Opening Balance and Fees

A minimum opening balance of $150,000 is required for an Individually Managed Fund.

We charge regular administrative fees on each account based on the balance of the account. Our current fee structure is:

  • 1.00% on the first $1M
  • 0.50% on the next $4M
  • 0.25% on the next $5M
  • 0.125% on balances above $10M

We'll work with you to arrange the fee for the investment management of your client's Individually Managed Fund.

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