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Trust Our Expert Staff to Steward Your Philanthropy

To best serve you, the staff at the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation is constantly seeking new ways to build their knowledge and skillset. Together, our staff holds decades of experience in philanthropic planning and countless hours of specialized training. “We are students of philanthropy,” said Nate Dally, Philanthropic Advisor, “and we want to help people experience the joy of giving.”

Patrick Gale, Vice President for Community Investment, is our newly minted Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy (CAP®). Joining the ranks of Vice President for Philanthropy, Mary Kolsrud, and President, Andy Patterson, in receiving this designation, Gale is excited to use what he has learned through this program, and in his 18 years at the Foundation, to help donors make an impact.

The CAP® program, developed by the American College of Financial Services, consists of graduate-level coursework designed to give participants the knowledge and tools needed to help families and individuals make their charitable goals a reality.

“What we do is truly a privilege,” Gale said, “To be able to work with people to discover what truly compels them, and then to walk with them on the journey to making it a reality, is inspiring. But it’s not easy, and the skills that I have gained through the CAP® program have proved invaluable.”

CAP® graduates bring to the table expertise in planning for a business exit, and estate and legacy giving, while making sure to reap the maximum tax benefits in the process.

Focusing on effective communication surrounding family philanthropy, Patterson and Dally have both completed specialized training from 21/64, a nonprofit dedicated to providing professionals with a proven approach to help donors hone in on the causes that speak to them.

Families are complex and unique, and including a trained advisor in the family giving process can be invaluable to navigate differences in charitable goals. The 21/64 training specializes in helping family members from different generations collaborate effectively when it comes to the long term plans and philanthropic goals.

“Because of our training and experience, we are able to offer a customized process,” Dally said, “We have the tools to help navigate the endless possibilities available when it comes to philanthropy.”

If you or your family are thinking about the next steps in your philanthropic journey, rest assured that our advisors are here to walk with you, every step of the way. We are honored to with collaborate with you and, together, to make our community a better place to live.

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