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Spring 2024 Newsletter

This spring, we celebrate philanthropy in our community through the generous vision of artists, a project to help restore the Big Sioux River, a new program to train mental health professionals, and more.

In This Issue:

Framing a Philanthropic Vision

Through their captivating imagery of our world’s natural landscapes and the wildlife that inhabit them, Scott and Marilyn Korsten seamlessly intertwine their artistry with their philanthropy, aiming to inspire the preservation of our outdoor spaces and wildlife habitats.

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Reviving the River

One local organization works to use the power of photography and mapping to lay the groundwork for restoration efforts along the banks of the Big Sioux.

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Empowering Generations of Women

Women from across the area recently gathered at the Washington Pavilion to celebrate how far women’s rights have advanced over the past 100 years, and to acknowledge how far they have yet to go.

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On the Front Lines of Mental Health

Community support helped bring a new program to life at Southeast Technical College, and young professionals who complete it will have the tools and experience they need to help lift our community out of a mental health crisis.

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