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Investment Update: Winter 2023

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The Foundation’s Long-Term Portfolio posted positive returns for the months of October and November, 2.98% and 6.80%, respectively. December’s return of -2.66% pulled the quarterly return down, but still remained the best quarter of the calendar year at 7.06%.

The portfolio was rebalanced each month to its tactical equity allocation of 65%. The current allocation favors international equities over domestic. The portfolio equally weighs growth and value within the domestic large cap allocation.

Interest rates and inflation continue to have a significant impact on the portfolio. The Investment Management Committee will continue to use a disciplined investment approach and will inform decisions based on the South Dakota Investment Council model.

Long-Term Portfolio Investment Returns

For periods ending December 31, 2022

30 years*:7.13%
20 years*:6.98%
10 years*:6.19%
5 years*:3.77%
1 year:- 14.60%
Prev. Qtr.:7.06%

* Compound Annualized Returns