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Investment Update: Spring 2023

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The Foundation’s Long-Term Portfolio posted a 5% return for the first quarter of 2023, the result of positive market activity in January and March. Tactical targets remained unchanged for the quarter. Equity, cash and fixed income targets were 65%, 14% and 21%, respectively.

The Investment Management Committee continues its disciplined management, rebalancing the portfolio as necessary and informing decisions based on the South Dakota Investment Council model.

Investment Returns

For Periods Ending March 31, 2023 (net of fees):

Prev. Quarter5.01%

Long-Term Portfolio Investment Returns

For periods ending December 31, 2022 (net of fees):

30 years*:7.13%
20 years*:6.98%
10 years*:6.19%
5 years*:3.77%

* Compound Annualized Returns