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Investment Update: Fall 2021

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Domestic equity markets continued on a positive trajectory as the quarter began, but trailed off to close September. The S&P 500 posted 2.38% and 3.04% for July and August, respectively.

In early September, the index reached a quarterly high prior to declining and posting a loss of 4.65% for the month, but remaining positive for the quarter.

As the third quarter progressed, markets were impacted by increased volatilely, inflation measures, interest rate forecasts and continued pandemic concerns.

Investment update for fall 2021

With these varied factors influencing returns, the domestic markets price-to-earnings ratios remained high, resulting in the Foundation maintaining its minimum equity allocation of 65%.

The Investment Committee meets on a monthly basis to review investment selection, allocations and rebalance to tactical targets. They continue to employ a model developed and informed by the South Dakota Investment Council. This disciplined approach will serve the Foundation well in the months and year ahead.