News for Donor Advisors

Flexible Options For Your fund

The Community Foundation stands as a champion for philanthropy in all forms. Just as we help you create a tailored giving strategy that reflects your interests and goals, we provide investment options that compliment your plan. Whether your strategy involves a long-term, strategic endowment, or you wish to maximize your philanthropic impact immediately, we offer investment portfolios tailored to suit your needs.

Cash Reserve Portfolio

Designed to minimize risk exposure while providing income, the Cash Reserve portfolio holds assets in in cash and cash-equivalents that keep funds accessible for quick and easy grantmaking. This is a great option for donors with short-term strategies that want the flexibility to respond to urgent needs.

The Foundation retains an amount equivalent to a 2.0% annual rate of return on funds in this portfolio, and funds retain any earnings above 2.0%. An administrative fee of 0.50% is assessed on new contributions to the fund with no annual fee.

Money Market Portfolio

Invested in a Goldman Sachs Money Market Fund, this portfolio offers a balance of earning potential and ease of use. The Money Market Portfolio is designed around donors with a short- to medium-term grantmaking strategy who want to grow their fund while retaining flexibility.

Funds in this portfolio retain all interest earned, and a 1.0% annual administrative fee is collected on a monthly basis, with a $25 minimum (fees reduced for balances over $1M).

Intermediate Portfolio

By focusing on high income distributing stocks and modest value increases, the Intermediate Portfolio aims to tolerate market volatility and preserve capital while providing income. This portfolio targets donors with a medium- to long-term strategy who want to minimize their exposure to risk and market fluctuations.

Funds invested in this portfolio retain any earnings/loses and are assessed a 1.0% annual fee on the balance of the fund on a monthly basis, with a $25 minimum (fees reduced for balances over $1M).

Long-Term Portfolio

Our flagship investment option for endowed funds is managed by the Investment Management Committee, composed of local financial experts who steward this portfolio toward long-term growth. The committee uses a model created by the South Dakota Investment Council as the framework for their decision-making, ensuring that this portfolio is diversified and set up for generations of success. The Long-Term Portfolio is tailored to donors with endowments or giving plans that extend well into the future.

Funds invested in this portfolio retain any earnings/losses and are assessed a 1.0% annual fee on the balance of the fund on a monthly basis, with a $25 minimum (fees reduced for balances over $1M).

Individually Managed Funds

For donors who already have a relationship with a trusted financial advisor or want a more hands-on approach, Individually Managed Funds can be an excellent option. For donors with more than $150,000 in assets, this option allows you to take advantage of all the services the Foundation has to offer, while designing a custom investment strategy.

To learn more about these options, or to inquire about changing your investment selection, contact us today.