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A New Range of Motion

Strider bikes are assembled for students at Eugene Field A+ Elementary

Movement has always been a key part of recess and physical education class. But soon, kindergarten and first grade students at Eugene Field A+ Elementary will begin learning an entirely new range of motion thanks to a collection of new, two-wheeled tools provided in part through a grant from the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation.

In partnership with the Strider Education Foundation’s Kindergarten PE Program, the grant paved the way for a fleet of 2-in-1 Strider 14x bikes, cycles that easily transform from balance to pedal bike, as well as access to an eight-lesson “Learn to Ride” curriculum and teacher training.

The bikes were assembled by parents and volunteers at Eugene Field on Monday, May 13. View photos of the bike assembly.

The grant will also help launch a pilot program at Eugene Field centered around equity and inclusivity. School officials hope the bikes, and the new programming, will enhance students’ play and social skills, advance conflict resolution skills and create “learning moments for students who want to utilize the bikes on their new adaptive playground.”

“Being physically active and having access to transportation directly impact one’s health and happiness,” said Patrick Gale, the Community Foundation’s vice president, community investment. “Learning to ride a bike is not only a developmental milestone, it is truly a rite of passage. We know that happy, healthy individuals are also engaged individuals who care about their communities so we’re honored to help support this important initiative.”

A similar program was launched at Cleveland Elementary earlier this year. Organizers hope to implement the program at additional schools in the future.