Promising Futures Fund

Helping to End the Poverty Disadvantage

Join the effort to help ensure our kids have promising futures.

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The Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation is proud to hold the Promising Futures Fund, a fund designed to help eliminate the poverty disadvantage facing thousands of students throughout Sioux Falls.

Creating a Brighter Tomorrow

Gifts to the Promising Futures Fund will support efforts intended to:

  • Increase a child's educational experience
  • Increase outside experiences, such as field trips, tours, events, speakers, etc.
  • Provide inspiration and hope so students can see themselves in a world outside of poverty

Areas of Focus

Distributions from the fund will be made based on recommendations from a volunteer committee. The primary focus of the Promising Futures Fund is the following 14 schools throughout the city at which the majority of students qualify for free and/or reduced lunch:

  • Lowell Elementary
  • Terry Redlin Elementary
  • Hawthorne Elementary
  • Horace Mann Elementary
  • Laura B. Anderson Elementary
  • Hayward Elementary
  • George McGovern Middle School
  • Garfield Elementary
  • Cleveland Elementary
  • Anne Sullivan Elementary
  • Whittier Middle School
  • Rosa Parks Elementary
  • Laura Wilder Elementary
  • Elementary Immersion Center

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