Excellence in Education Grant Agreement

Thank you for all you do to teach, inspire and guide our students. We are honored to support your efforts!

In order that I may send you a check for your project, please review the grant conditions below.

If you leave your position with the school system, the equipment and supplies must remain behind. If you take a new position within the same school system, you may, with the approval of your former principal, take with you any items purchased with this grant.

We ask that you mention Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation where appropriate in any publicity opportunities that may arise as a result of this grant.

If you have any questions, please contact Patrick Gale, pgale@sfacf.org. Again, congratulations on your award and best wishes on a successful learning experience for your students.

Grant Requirements

The undersigned hereby agrees to

- Acknowledge this grant as coming from the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation in all relevant grant materials and public information.

- Use the grant exclusively for the purpose described in the grant application. Community Foundation grant funds may not be used to carry on propaganda or any voter registration drive or otherwise attempt to influence any legislation or election, within the meaning of the IRS code.

- Expend all grant funds within the grant period.

- Request the Community Foundation’s approval of any proposed change made in the use of the grant or grant period.

- Maintain financial records and supporting documentation for expenditures and receipts related to this grant for a period of three years and allow the Community Foundation access to those records and documents, as requested.

- Return any unspent or misdirected grant funds to the Community Foundation, as requested.

- Submit an evaluation to the Community Foundation within 12 months of the date of your approval email.

- Submit up to five photos of the grant activity. Photos can be emailed to Kelly Sprecher, ksprecher@sfacf.org. Please ensure that all individuals photographed have agreed to or signed a photo release.

Please type your first and last name. Typing your first and last name in this field acts as your official signature for this grant agreement.