Celebrating Philanthropy

Supporting Our Community at City Blossom 2021

We're so grateful to all those who joined us for this special evening!

Attendance at City Blossom, held on Thursday, May 6, at First PREMIER Bank, directly supports the Community Fund, the endowment behind our most impactful grantmaking. Over the years, grants from the Community Fund have helped launch new and innovative programs and have provided critical support for neighborhood nonprofits working to create a thriving community — organizations dedicated to opening doors, building bridges and creating possibility for individuals and families across our area.

The Community Fund has always played a central role in maintaining the health and stability of our community and in 2020, that was more evident than ever.

Responding to the needs of our area, the Community Fund awarded more than $500,000 in grants to local nonprofits and causes in our last fiscal year, including more than 30 COVID-19 Response Grants — emergency support for front-line nonprofits hardest hit by the pandemic.

A New Milestone

Thanks to the generous and visionary philanthropic leadership of so many in our community, we’re grateful, honored and beyond humbled to share that for 2021, we reached a new City Blossom milestone:

Since its inception, City Blossom has now raised more than $2.8 million for the Community Fund.

That’s an extraordinary number. But as we always say, numbers are just short-hand for impact. What it really means is this: Because of you, our amazing community of donors, the Community Foundation can continue to respond to the growing and changing needs of our community, to seed innovation and creative solutions, and to help spark strategic investments in this special place we all call home.

Thank you again for your support of City Blossom, and for your continued partnership. Together in philanthropy, we can and will quicken the pace of progress toward a brighter tomorrow — for good, for ever.